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Technology Research & Standards Development

RGITC provides Technology Research and develops Innovation Solutions to assist our clients in tacking major challenges facing their business. We assist in evaluating new technologies, the applicability to the client environment and the added-value to their mission.

Moreover when a new technology attains a certain level of maturity, RGITC can provide expertise and strategy to introduce the new technology to relevant National and International Standards Bodies and navigate their policies and procedures. Our services will ensure the acceleration of the Standards Development process, which will enable a wider acceptance and deployment of technologies of interest through standardization.

RGITC’s management is passionate about Research and Standards Development. They have published several publications in International Conferences and participated in the development of several Standards. RGITC maintains a firm rapport with researchers and experts from the Academia, Research Institutions, Government and Industry. RGITC will offer this service in collaboration with the Academia and other thought leaders per the field of interest.

RGITC’s research interests & expertise is focused in: